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Available Course Dates

(All courses are attended in liverpool unless specified elsewhere)

SPMU - 25th - 28th November (4 Day Course)
                  24th - 27th February 2020 (4 Day Course)

Microblading -  14th & 15th November (1 Day Course)
                                    28th & 29th January (1 Day Course)

Dermal Filler - 22nd November, 13th December, 17th January, 

Botox - 23rd November, 14th December, 18th January, 

B12 - 16th November, 7th December, 11th January

Dermaplaining - 30th November, 18th December, 18th January

Aqualyx No Needle-  4th December, 13th January
                                                3rd December (Loughton)

Aqualyx (Needle) - 4th Decemeber, 13th January
                                            3rd December (Loughton)

Hii Plasma Pen - 20th November, 17th December, 14th January